12 Unknown Facts about the Beatles Band

We have already written about the Beatles before, but that was an insight into the band’s career that is well-known to fans. This articles digs more into something that few people know only.

Love The Beatles? Well who does not? Every rock music lover has got a soft corner for Beatles. But as a Beatles fan does you know some unknown facts about your love? Well if not then go through this article. This article will provide you with some interesting unknown facts about the Beatles. These are described below with brief description.

The Beatles Band

So let us just take a quick look –

  1. The only two surviving Beatles members, Starr & McCartney are left handed.
  2. The Beatles have still been the best selling rock band in the history.
  3. All of the members of the Beatles band were born in England & that too in Liverpool in early 40s.
  4. Harrison was repeatedly termed as “the quiet Beatle”.
  5. Ringo Starr was the oldest member of the Beatles but he was the shortest one of the band.
  6. Harrison was a big admirer of Indian mysticism. He was the one who introduced this thing to the other members of the Beatles.
  7. The Beatles got introduced in the famous Rock & Roll Hall of fame in the year 1988. This is a place where the big legends of rock music world are honored.
  8. Harrison had expertise in various musical instruments like guitar, sitar, ukulele, harmonica, sarod, tambura, swarmandal, mandolin, keyboards along with bass guitar.
  9. John Lennon was unfortunately murdered in the year 1980 by an obsessed fan.
  10. George Harrison died in the year 2001 due to lung cancer.
  11. McCartney is among one of the wealthiest persons in the United Kingdom.
  12. George Harrison is the only one of the Beatles to publish an autobiography.

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