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Pink Floyd Clothes

Find original vintage shirts and concert tees for women and men! Cheap!

Pink Floyd

The Wall Movie


Pink Floyd



Pink Floyd



Pink Floyd was a rock band from England which was formed in 1965. The band is one of the most successful music groups in popular music history. This was achieved through their progressive style of music. Their music was characterized by themed lyrics and eccentric live shows. The bands influence on the Rock and Roll genre is quite important with both emerging groups and popular bands citing great influence from the group or individual talents in the group.

The group was formed by students in the school of Architecture of London Polytechnic. Pink Floyd first signed under EMI in 1967 who released their first single. Under the great leadership of Barret the band was able to produce a successful debut album ‘The Piper at the Gates of Dawn’ which had two hit singles. In 1968 however, Barrett left the band due to health problems but the group had already enlisted another member one year earlier. Their conceptual albums gave the band the much awaited commercial success and popularity. The bands record sales as of the year 2013 were estimated at slightly over 250 million units worldwide.

As one member (Waters) left the group in 1985 the others continued to tour and record as Pink Floyd. They then released two other successful albums between 1987 and 1984. In 1996 the band was finally inducted into the Hall of Fame of Rock and Roll and then later on into the Halls of Fame of UK music in 2005.

In 2005 the band reunited to perform at the Live 8 global event. Two of the initial members Barrett and Wright would later passed on in 2006 and 2008 respectively. Their music remains as being quite influential to numerous acts in the music industry. Legend David Bowie has also cited Pink Floyd as a major inspiration to his music.