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New York Dolls Clothes

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New York Dolls

New York Dolls


New York Dolls

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The New York Dolls, an American rock band, was formed in 1971 in New York. Their main genres include rock and roll, glam rock, glam punk and protopunk. The group applied a visual style in their performances and their protopunk style was also a crucial element in the consequent punk rock era. The group released their first studio album ‘New York Dolls’ in 1973.

The group has had numerous members over the years but the initial members of the group consist of David Johansen (singer), Johnny Thunders (guitarist), Arthur Kane (bass guitarist), Rick Rivets and Billy Murcia (drummer). Sylvain Sylvain shortly afterwards replaced Rick Rivets. The group became quite influential to other emerging artists and bands. The group is attributed to have developed the rock music scene in New York for later bands such as Blondie, Ramones and The Voidoids. Some hard rock groups that have cited influence from the group include Aerosmith and Kiss. The group has also cited that their music had been influenced by the early Rolling Stones, the early Rhythm and Blues and protopunk groups such as The Stooges and MC5 among many other great rockers before them.

After splitting for a period of time, the group finally made a comeback in 2004 at the Meltdown Festival in London with three of the surviving members of the group. In July 2006, the remaining two members of the group released a new album ‘One Day it Will Please Us to Remember Even This’ together with a few new recruited members.  The New York Dolls also went on to release a fifth studio album on 15th March, 2011 titled ‘Dancing Backwards in High Heels’. The group has performed in numerous concerts and has been touring around the world since.

The current members of the New York Dolls are David Johansen, Sylvain Sylvain, Brian Delaney, Kenny Aaronson and Earl Slick.